What is the best way for dentists to do social media marketing?

Why is Social Media Important

Social media marketing for dentists has become important these days as good as for any other business. Now getting Clients or patients is dependent on how much good job you do on your social media.

Can I find your clinic on the first page of Google Search for “Dentists in my area”?

Are there good reviews about your clinic (Social Proof)?

If the answer is yes for the above two questions, there is a great chance that I would visit your clinic.

Are you a Dentist in My Area?

Lets see what I get after searching on Google for “dentists in my area“.

Dentists in My Area

The image above shows the top 3 dentists in my area. If you ask me as a customer which dentist would I visit, it would be one among these most probably. I would check which one is closer for me, what are the facilities offered and what are the Google reviews/ratings of this clinic.

Google Maps and Google My Business Page

The first result that shows for Dentists in my area is the Google Maps result, so having your presence on Google Maps and having your Google My Business Profile set up is the way to begin with.

Here’s how how you get started on building your Google My Business Profile, start building your profile by clicking here. You will see a screen as below.

Google My Business Page

Start building your Google My Business page and add all the details and enter a brief description about the services offered, the more details you put, the better your profile can rank on Google Searches. Good Photos are extremely important, add photos that would impress people seeing it. Add your website details there, its important to have your website.

Your Website, your Online Real Estate

Having your own website is one of the most important step, get your website set up with the help of a professional web developer. Your website is your online real estate because you own it and you can showcase yourself the way you want to. People like to visit your website to see the facilities that you offer and some may even would want to search with your clinic name, its important to have your site indexed on Google. Getting your website indexed is important for you to rank on Google Search Results. You can check whether your site is indexed on Google or not, type in the Google search bar: “site:yourWebsiteName”. Let’s see an example, I typed in “site:www.drpawandentalcare.com”.

Facebook and Instagram, Who will see me there?

Where do you generally hang out during your free time on social media ?, the answer would most probably be Facebook or Instagram, same is for your customers. Having a Facebook page for your clinic and a Instagram profile for your clinic helps you to reach out to more people. Grow your social tribe is the answer to your question: “Where do I get my patients from?”.

Being active on social media puts you ahead of the crowd, it makes people more aware about you and more likely to visit you. Share some posts like these on your social media handles regularly.

Image Credits: Oramax Dental Clinic

Do you want to stand out of the crowd and grow your business ?

I have summarized a few points on how you can do it:

Have your own Website, Facebook page, Google My Business page and Instagram Account.

Returning Customer is the Best Customer, people should feel cared for once they visit your clinic and should carry a good memory visiting your clinic. They will bring in their friends and family as well.

Collect email addresses of your patients and send them once a week mail about Dental Health, share dental tips and offers.

Conduct Free Dental Camps, share about it in your posts on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

Engage with your audience, now you would say how can a dentist engage with their patients who visit once in 3–6 months, engage them through your social media posts on Dental Health, patients review videos and text reviews.

Offer 5–10% discounts for getting your patients to follow you on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

Create contests for awareness on Dental Health on your social media accounts.

Have a impressive website with lots of good content about you, your services, patient reviews, recent events, contest winners.

Post on Instagram with relevant tags to reach out to more people.

Run Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads to boost followers in your area.

Create some contests like Answer a few questions and spin a Wheel kind of contest and lucky winners are given different gifts which could be any small gifts and one of them could be a Free Dental Consultation.

I hope you enjoyed the article and learned a lot about getting started with your social media, you can get in touch with us to improve your social media and grow your social media presence.

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